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My County Convention (Chatham County, GA)

Initial reports coming out of Georgia's County conventions are looking pretty good.

I attended the County Convention in Chatham County (Savannah), Georgia. This is the count from the slate the Nominating Committee presented at the Convention:

State Delegates: 12 Ron Paul Supporters (25% of delegates)
State Alternates: 15 Ron Paul Supporters (16 open slots)

Dist Delegates: 21 Ron Paul Supporters (32.8% of delegates)
Dist Alternates: 11 Ron Paul Supporters (31 open slots)

The slate was passed with more Paul supporters filling up open alternate slots. Don't have the final count yet.

I spoke with the county Chairman afterwards and he told me he is excited to have so many new people involved and young people to fill leadership positions within the local GOP.

Here are some pictures of the event (uploaded to my facebook account):

I heard from a local Paul supporter who had attended in 2008 that 2008's meeting had about 50 people total. We had 109 people today.

I was selected as a district delegate and state alternate :)

------- UPDATE --------

Unofficial results of other counties I am hearing on a GA Ron Paul volunteer facebook page:

- In Seminole county, all three district delegates are Ron paul supporters and 3 out of 4 state delegates are.

- Lowndes didn't have a majority. Was close though. The status quo ruled but it could have been worse. I just couldn't keep up with the list. Maybe 10 total primaries or alternates for District and maybe 9 for state. I did make primary for district and alt for state. It's all still a big blur to me right now.

- Bryan County: They came up with a predetermined list of delegates and alternates for both district and state. We managed to get 2 out of 13 and 1 alternate for District. We filled up the alternate slots for State. 9 out 10.

- Columbia County, 38 RP's present all 38 made primary or alternate for district and state. just a guess, but probably about 25/45 delegates for district and state.

- Glynn got 10/27 delegates and 13/27 alternates to district.

- From Cook County: District 3 of 6 known RP supporters; State 3 of 5 known

- 1/2 our people in Coweta bailed on us. Still they managed to get 17/51 District delegates and some alt .
Then 25/39 delegates to State and many alternates.

- Camden County took 12 out of 15 slots to District. We are now up to 42 delegates at District 1.

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I am the Seminole county

I am the Seminole county person who posted that on Facebook :)


Thanks for helping represent in Georgia!

Awesome! Thanks!

This might be a dumb question, but what is the difference between district and state? How does that work?


Here is a good summary of Georgia's state and district conventions and who is nominated at each one. http://ga4ronpaul.com/Documents/2012%20Steps%20To%20Serving%...

You can be selected to go on

You can be selected to go on to national at either as each has delegates allotted, apparently district is easier as you have people you know around you. The state positions sound like they are going to go to the high-up insiders and the odds of any of us newbies making it are slim to none.

I went to our county

I went to our county convention today as well and both my wife and I were selected as alternates to both of the next levels. I have no idea how many people there supported Ron Paul. At least we're in the mix and can possibly have an influence on the delegates that will end up going to Tampa although everyone is bound to vote to Gingrich unless he drops out or receives less than 34%(?) of any ballot at which point they become freed.

Thank you

for showing up!

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Awesome News in Georgia!


Wow! This is the news that we need to hear!

I didn't see the information you spoke about on the Facebook page - is there another link?


I updated the post

I added some of the content from the page to my post so all can see. Thanks for the feedback on the link.

Get the message already!!!

When are the neo-cons going to realize they need to leave the GOP and either go over to the Democratic Party or form their own party? The GOP belongs to the R3volution.