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Two Cops Arrested for Beating 3-Month-Old Into Vegetative State; Baby Not Expected to Recover

Jaxon Jennings Taylor, their 3-month-old son, was abused so brutally on February 15, that he is unable to move or eat without a feeding tube. Despite being in a vegetative state, he “is in some pain” and exhibits “periodic cries,” according to 16th Circuit Solicitor Kevin Brackett.

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Ex Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Comes Clean, Reveals Horrors of Western Medicine

Her book unveils her experience selling pharmaceuticals and the dirty secrets the industry doesn’t want anyone to know. Olsen explains that when drugs hit the market, no one knows even 50 percent of the side effects associated with the drug. Doctors are convinced of the drug’s effectiveness and their patients literally become test subjects or lab rats for the pharmaceutical companies. Olsen even confesses, “We were being trained to misinform people.”

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Most consistent & honest man in government EVER!

Ron Paul at Reason's 15th Anniversary

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Instead of paying $430 billion in interest how about #EndtheFed

Tweets of the day - 03/27/2015

Instead of paying $430 billion in interest how about #EndtheFed

Snowden: "if I am traitor..."...

Chelsea Elizabeth Manning Age: 9962 days Imprisoned: 1764 days now why? For telling the truth!

#Butterfly #beauty...

Imagine #Love ruling this long abused planet we call earth.

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Chuck Baldwin: Ted Cruz: Pros And Cons

Texas Senator Ted Cruz made his candidacy for President of the United States official this week. He is the first Republican to officially jump into the presidential race. He chose my alma mater, Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, to make the announcement. Readers immediately inundated me with requests for my thoughts on his candidacy. Today’s column will attempt to answer those requests. Mind you, these are preliminary thoughts, subject to change one way or the other as I learn more about Senator Cruz.

Before I list what seem to me to be more obvious pros and cons of his candidacy, let me say that it is extremely obvious that Mr. Cruz is wanting to “corner the market” on the Christian conservative vote and make them the ideological and political base of his campaign. The fact that he chose Liberty University, the largest evangelical Christian university in the country, to make his announcement makes it crystal clear. And if some of the early reactions to the senator’s strategy are any indication of whether Senator Cruz succeeded or not, it may seem that he has taken a big step in that regard.

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DP Reality Check: Prediction of the 2016 GOP ticket. Walker/Paul is the best we will get.

Walker/Paul is the best we will get out of the 2016 GOP nomination unless something out of the norm happens. I'm sure most of us noticed after the 08 and 12 runs that the establishment isn't very excited about having a liberty republican in the white house. Plus, it's very rare for a junior senator to get the nomination. Governors and VP's are the historical standards. It would be epic for the liberty movement just to get Paul into the VP slot. At least we would have a chance at the 2024 run as the top of the ticket. Think about the last time a true liberty candidate was on the GOP nomination ticket. Some would argue Reagan, but I would say it was Goldwater.

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MSM is starting to report on the US support of ISIS

As American forces open another front of battle in Iraq, they find themselves on the same side as an array of armed groups that not only consider the United States an enemy but also accuse it of actively supporting Islamic State militants.

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Lobbyist for Monsanto weed killer brand says it is safe to drink, then declines glass

26 MAR 2015
In a preview of an upcoming documentary on French TV, Dr. Patrick Moore tells a Canal+ interviewer that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup herbicide, was not increasing the rate of cancer in Argentina.

“You can drink a whole quart of it and it won’t hurt you,” Moore insists.

“You want to drink some?” the interviewer asks. “We have some here.”

“I’d be happy to, actually,” Moore replies, adding, “Not really. But I know it wouldn’t hurt me.”

“If you say so, I have some,” the interviewer presses.

“I’m not stupid,” Moore declares.

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To make your posts more *readable* (to increase readership)

I suggest that you use one of the two accepted ways to indicate A NEW PARAGRAPH.

I'm making this suggestion because of the number of Original posts I go to where I'm hit with a rather solid-looking block of words. I admit, I might be missing some worthy contributions. But it's unprofessional-looking, and I, for one, don't have the patience to spend time trying to figure out the piece's organization, reflecting the OP's train of thought: where one paragraph/point ends and the next begins.

This is just a suggestion. Take my advice or not, as you wish.


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UK Joins China AIIB, US Slams Decision

"There will be times when we take a different approach (to the United States)," as Reuters quotes a spokesman for Prime Minister David Cameron as saying Friday, referring to the decision to join the bank. "We think that it's in the UK's national interest."

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Stock market rigging is no longer a ‘conspiracy theory’

By John Crudele
March 25, 2015 | 9:53pm

The stock market is rigged.

When I started making that claim years ago — and provided solid evidence — people scoffed. Some called it a conspiracy theory, tinfoil hats and that sort of stuff. Most people just ignored me.

But that’s not happening anymore. The dirty secret is out.

With stock prices rushing far ahead of economic reality over the last six or so years, more experts in the financial markets are coming to the same conclusion — even if they don’t fully understand how it’s being rigged or the consequences.

Ed Yardeni, a longtime Wall Street guru who isn’t one of the clowns of the bunch, said flat out last week that the market was being propped up. “These markets are all rigged, and I don’t say that critically. I just say that factually,” he asserted on CNBC.

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Alabama policeman indicted for throwing Indian man to ground

Reuters) - A U.S. grand jury has indicted an Alabama police officer, captured on video throwing an Indian man to the ground, on a civil rights charge stemming from the use of unreasonable force, federal prosecutors said on Friday.

Eric Parker, 26, then an officer with the Madison Police Department, was seen on video recorded from inside a patrol car on Feb. 6 throwing Sureshbhai Patel, 57, to the ground after attempting to question him.

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Reason: Rand Paul goes hawkish, becomes less interesting

If Wednesday's amendment is any indication of what Candidate Paul is going for, expect to hear less and less about the need to fundamentally rethink America's armed forces and our approach to foreign policy and engagement through trade and cultural exchange (what a great speech Paul gave on "Islam and Containment" back in 2013). To the extent that Paul starts talking like, say, Marco Rubio, he will become far less interesting as a candidate and far less infuential as a much-needed counterweight to a resurgent neo-con mentality that has a hold on not just most of the Republican Party but Hillary Clinton as well. This sort of evolution comes even as diehard conservatives are finally calling bullshit on automatic approval of unnecessary Pentagon requests for more and more money.