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The Last Hour

25 votes

Obama wakes up supporter, cures her apathy!

Well, I would suspect that most of us got the wake up call from the good Doctor.
And from being a member here. I know that I surely did.

I don't care who or what helps folks wake up.
Just please, wake up!

In this particular instance, Obama himself has facilitated this young lady's wake up call.
Not only to the truth of Obama himself; but the whole truth.

Paradigm Shift.
We are winning.

Liberty Now!

32 votes

Rand Paul slams Jeb Bush for medical marijuana hypocrisy

By Alexander Bolton | 01/30/15

DALLAS — Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) accused Jeb Bush of hypocrisy after The Boston Globe reported the former Florida governor was a heavy marijuana smoker while at an elite prep school.

Bush opposed a Florida medical marijuana ballot initiative last year even though he partook liberally of the herb while in high school.

“You would think he’d have a little more understanding then,” Paul told The Hill while en route to a political event in Texas.

“He was even opposed to medical marijuana,” Paul said of Bush, a potential rival in the 2016 Republican presidential primary. “This is a guy who now admits he smoked marijuana but he wants to put people in jail who do.


Bush has previously acknowledged using marijuana, which he has called “stupid” and “wrong.”

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I am of "Mixed Race" and from now on that's what I will claim

Oh sure, by appearance I'm defined as a "white" guy.

But my father's mother was Irish (Named Murphy, the most common name in Ireland). His father was Italian (Buchignani).

My mother's father was Austrian (Named Meyer, the most common name in Austria). Her mother was German (named Rashka).

My point:

I was born in the United States - as was were my parents.

But why should I just state "Caucasian" on job applications, licenses, health forms, surveys etc?

By definition, I am of "MIXED RACE" heritage and that is how I will answer in the future.

33 votes

I slandered the hero Adam Kokesh

Although I visit the site often, I don't post here at the Daily Paul anymore. I agree with Michael Nystrom that with Rand most likely running for president, the site is changing into something it was not when Ron was running for president in 2008 and 2012.

However, I do want to get something off my chest that has been bothering me for quite some time. I've said some nasty things on here about Adam Kokesh when he was planning to have an armed march on Washington that I deeply regret and wish I could take back. This was partly the fault of Jack Daniels and trying to get the best of his supporters on here when going back and forth on posts and comments. There is nothing more cowardly than to anonymously slander someone on the internet and I have to admit that I am guilty of that charge.

Unlike Chris Kyle, Adam Kokesh is a hero who has made great sacrifices for the movement and peace in general. I know he is not a Christian, but he certainly conducts himself more like one than most of the warmongering Christians you see in church and Fox News. Like Christ, he speaks the truth and is willing to sacrifice himself for that cause.

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Cop Tases Handcuffed Girl Until She Becomes Vegetative, Dies

TAMPA (2/8/14) — A 20-yr-old girl’s family has filed a lawsuit against a cop after their daughter was left in a brain-dead, vegetative state until she died.

Officer Cole, who was known as “Trigger Happy Trooper,” can be seen on dashcam video Tasing the girl until she passed into a vegetative state (footage below).

She clearly posed no threat to the officer, but he Tased her anyway.

She was in handcuffs at the time.

Once he Tased her in her back, she fell to the pavement and became paralyzed.

She said, “I can’t get up.”

The officer sneered, “I don’t want you to get up,” as the high voltage electricity made its way through her limp body.

25 votes

How Playing Music Benefits Your Brain More than Any Other Activity

How Playing Music Benefits Your Brain More than Any Other Activity
by Maria Popova

“Playing music is the brain’s equivalent of a full-body workout.”

“Each note rubs the others just right, and the instrument shivers with delight. The feeling is unmistakable, intoxicating,” musician Glenn Kurtz wrote in his sublime meditation on the pleasures of practicing, adding: “My attention warms and sharpens… Making music changes my body.” Kurtz’s experience, it turns out, is more than mere lyricism — music does change the body’s most important organ, and changes it more profoundly than any other intellectual, creative, or physical endeavor.

35 votes

How I'm Working to Make Liberty as Popular as the NFL

I spent 7 years in the Army and Army Reserves and had planned on making a career out of it, but when I started to notice that the freedoms I thought I’d been fighting for overseas were being eroded here at home, it led to my becoming a civilian again and a peace and freedom activist.

Some of you might remember the video that made sure I became a civilian again -

After making that video, I immediately wanted to help make things right, so I got involved in politics, volunteered on a few campaigns, worked on a few, and managed a congressional campaign. We were largely ignored by the media, and I came to believe that until we changed the media, we’d always be on the losing end of things. I had that belief reinforced when told that most movements that won the day in the past, had won because of something in the media that became popular, pushed the culture, and then the culture pushed the political class.

17 votes

CNN in Donetsk: Mark Today's Date DOWN!

After a complete blackout by western media... on the non-stop shelling of civilian population centers across E. Ukraine by Kiev nazi commanded forces using everything from cluster munitions to white phosphorous shells for nearly a YEAR...
Today: CNN shows the truth from Donetsk... like 'policy' just flipped a switch.
The widow in the video is crying, "I Will Go and Fight for Him".

22 votes

Obama destroyed & called a war criminal in Irish Parliament

Obama destroyed & called a war criminal in Irish Parliament WOW MUST SEE

6 votes

Wnd EXCLUSIVE: 2nd Amendment Threatened In Obama's Trade Plans

Wnd EXCLUSIVE: 2nd Amendment Threatened In Obama's Trade Plans

Like 'playing Russian roulette with 6 bullets in the chamber'

Published: 2 days ago

Gun Owners of America is blasting a congressional proposal that empowers Obama to unilaterally negotiate international agreements as “a ‘bait and switch’ scheme that could seriously impact the Second Amendment.”


12 votes

23 Fun Dirty Facts About Jeb Bush

I know it's an old article dated back to September of last year.

Jeb Bush Just Took a Big Step Toward Running for President. Here Are 23 Reasons He Should Reconsider

It's an interesting read, with a couple piece of dirt.

I Find the Playboy thing (Cynthia Henderson) very interesting, who knew Jeb had it in him, lol.

What are your thoughts?

There is wisdom in stocking up in ammunition.